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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to support your professional and personal goals.

Our approach is always science-based and adaptive to your developments as you progress. Because we work only with certified and accredited fitness and health professionals in our team. Either you work with a personal trainer or a life coach, you will have an all-rounded support system to overcome your challenges. As a result, you will gain muscle, lose fat and improve your condition. Besides, we will help you set new business goals, improve your mindset and increase your overall success. 

What we do

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Personal Training

Our personal trainers create fitness programs for you personally and guide you to achieve your goals. Your goals may be to lose fat, improve your condition and gain muscle. The personal trainers will teach and help you to exercise properly using workouts and specific plans. As a result, the time will be spent effectively. Training programs can be one-on-one, duo, or in small groups. You can choose to work with your personal trainer indoor, at home, and during outdoor training. If you are looking for the best personal trainer in Rotterdam or online.

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Life Coaching

A life coach is a qualified professional who helps people make progress in their lives to attain greater fulfilment. For instance, like your supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. in other words, support their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Our life coach helps you with major life transitions. As a result, life coach target your unique skills and gifts. Focusing on your strength to work on developing new version of you! We are specialised working with expats, entrepreneurs and young professionals.

Accredits and Partners

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Do you have questions?


Everyone is somewhat familiar with what Personal Trainer or Coach does. Below you will find answers to some of the common questions. Get in touch with us if you have a different question.

Personal Training

In general, this would change depending on few factors. Your goal, lifestyle, and age for example. At first, you can start two or three days per week and slowly work your way up to five days. If you want good results and continue to make progress, you need to commit to working out at least four to five days per week. Remember, you can build-up to this.

The basics of weight loss depending on your calorie expenditure. Burn more than you eat and you will lose weight. It is that simple! With cardio or weight training, you can increase the number of calories you burn. We recommend combining both while you cut down some intake.

It would change depending on your goal of training but in most cases physically outcome is similar.

There are many styles of Personal Trainers to choose from. While all Motifaith Personal Trainers have been extensively trained and practice the strategies and techniques to be effective, finding the right one is ultimately a question of fit. During your free introductory session, you will be able to determine if you and your Personal Trainer have the right synergy. If not, you can be matched with a different one. You can also book a session with the head coach to get help with choosing your Personal Trainer.

We do recommend you book your sessions as a package with a personal trainer. Because in the packages price around €65 per hour. If you want to pay per lesson it is also possible. In that case, you can book a single session for €75 with the personal trainer. 

Life Coaching

The life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired goals. A Life Coach is like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. Life coaches to aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.
A life Coach is someone who will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable, and provide encouragement throughout your journey. As a result, to become a better version of yourself.

A coach helps you grow by analysing your current situation. In addition, identifying limiting beliefs and obstacles you face. Designing a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life. For instance, you can hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions. 

Life coaching works in a specific, structured format, although your coach will ultimately work with you to create a custom action plan. Coaching typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between you and your life coach. For instance, 45 to 60 minutes each. You and the coach will agree on what works best for you prior to starting the coaching engagement and will often be flexible if the schedule needs to be adjusted.

It can be for both. Because, you may work with the Coach to improve your business. Start a new entrepreneurial endeavour. Improve your health through diet and exercise or improve your relationships. In many cases, a life coach will help you in multiple areas of life as they are all connected to your ultimate well-being.


In general, it can be anyone who is willing to make the best out of themselves. As a niche, we are helping Expats, Entrepreneurs, and young professionals.

Yes, we can arrange your sessions with a video call, Skype, or by phone call. So you can transform your life wherever you are!