Fat Loss or Get Fit. Get Back in shape after holidays! We will guide you along the way. 16 training sessions starting from €199pm.


Sign up for he most effective way to set yourself up for success and achieve your desired fitness level. 2 months program, specifically designed for your goals, with the guidance of our coaches. Pay in two or three parts. Starting from €199pm.

*Sign up before September pay in 3 parts.

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During this program you will get total 16 sessions

8 Personal Training session 

8 Group session

Custom Nutritional Plan

Weekly evaluation call with your Coach

Sign up now for payment plan from €199pm

Why should you join us?

Having a timeframe and a precise plan, designed for your goals, is the most effective way to achieve long-term results.

With our professional guidance, you will be held accountable for your own journey, so that you will develop and incorporate your own healthy lifestyle.

You will be surrounded by people with a similar goal (Fat Loss or Get Fit), in the Motifaith family, where you get support and motivation.

Our coaches will be there to follow each step of the way, sort out all your doubts, and get the best out of you!



Gold awarded

How this program works?

We will design for you a specific training and nutritional plan.

We want to keep you on the right track, celebrate your progress, raise from your setbacks, keep you accountable and motivated, that’s why we will be having a weekly call with you!

At the end of the 2 months program, you will have the fundamentals of training and nutrition and you will decide how you would to continue with our Services (link to the page).

Best Personal Trainer Rotterdam

EREPS Qualified and Gold Award Winner Personal Trainers

I look forward to personally guiding you to achieve your goals. Your goals may be to lose fat, improve your fitness and gain muscle. The personal trainer teaches and helps you to practice well with the help of workouts and specific plans. As a result, time is spent effectively. Training programs can be one-on-one, duo or small groups. You can choose to work with your personal trainer indoors, at home and during outdoor workouts.

The six things that happen when you Join us

Building strength

Progresively designed training with personal and group setup.

Lose Fat

Our program include cardio, conditioning and strength training that will help you to burn fat.

Fixing the mindset

Clear road map and knowing what to do next will help you to build good habits and disciplin.

Improve your condition

Small group training will be performed in HIIT format which helps you increase your stamina.

Learn technique

Improve your exercise knowledge. Learn how to workout properly in correct posture.

Feel Strong

Improve your well being and vitality. Regulay exercise routine will bring structure to your schedule.