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Outdoor Training in Rotterdam

Outdoor Training in Rotterdam at Rozenburg Park Kralingen or your garden. Your professional and personal goals are supported by our certified and experienced personal coaches. In just 12 weeks you have amazing and guaranteed results.

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On-demand Outdoor Training in Rotterdam. If you want to work out with your own group of friends family or colleagues. We make the best quality training accessible for everyone in multiple languages.

Get into Nature

Start moving with outdoor training with fresh air. Get full benefit of being out of house.

Gain Muscle

Progressive exercise, and strategic programming we are able to built muscles safely.

Better Condition

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make with App.

Lose Weight

Work out your body to improve posture which will reduce your back and neck pain.

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Outdoor Training

Outdoor training is covering a full-body workout for men and women at all levels. In a group or personally. If you join outdoor training in a group you can participate at your own pace and intensity. With your own body weight. Bootcamp is fun and functional. Cardiovascular, strength, and muscle strengthening. We work on endurance and perseverance, trunk stability, and the correct way of moving. Training outdoor immediately gives you energy! There will be challenges but it is all about progressing.
We work on building up the condition and increasing performance using functional exercises and attention to the correct way of moving. In addition, new exercises are added, which are often more complex and challenging.

Outdoor Group Training Plans

Drop-In session



4 Outdoor Training



8 outdoor Training



Meet the Personal Trainer Team


Founder | Certified Life Coach | AALO master | Nasm CPT | DTS Fitness Coach


Certified Life Coach | Ereps Level 4 Personal Trainer | Cross-Fit Coach


Ereps Level 6 Personal Trainer | Advanced Exercise for Health Specialist


Ereps Level 5 Personal Trainer | NAsm Weight loss Specialist | Woman Fitness Specialist

Best experienced and certified personal trainer in Rotterdam

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